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About us

RecoverMe is part of Auto Rescue Logistics (ARL), widely regarded as the experts in their field and the choice of the professionals. Since 2002, ARL has been providing roadside recovery and breakdown services to major motor insurers and large fleet businesses, serving some of the best known household brands in the UK. ARL also manages the largest network of recovery agents in the UK, meaning faster response times than competitors.

ARL can handle any type of incident involving vehicles, anything from a motorbike to a 48 tonne heavy goods vehicle. Now ARL is using this considerable knowledge to bring a quality breakdown and recovery service to the general public through RecoverMe.

Auto Rescue Logistics (ARL) is delighted to be nominated as a finalist for the British Insurance Awards 2016 as Outsourced Provider of the Year, and the CII Claims Inovation Awards.

ARL provides roadside recovery and claim handling services for insurers, brokers and fleets and together with its breakdown arm, RecoverMe, now offers a comprehensive suite of breakdown schemes for any vehicle up to 48 tonnes and legal support through RM Law.

This is the first time ARL has entered any award and is honoured to be recognised for its innovation and service.

ARL nominated as a finalist for the British Insurance Awards 2016.

ARL nominated as a finalist for the CII Claims Inovation Awards 2016.


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RecoverMe: a vehicle recovery service which puts the motorist first, we are run by motorists for the motorist.