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Our Breakdown Cover Apps

The RecoverMe breakdown cover apps are available for both Apple IOS and Android devises.

In keeping with the RecoverMe ethos, or apps are simple and easy to use, just download the version for your device for free either from Apple App Store or for Android devices, the Google Play Store.

The RecoverMe Breakdown App

One App, 3 simple functions:

Suffered a breakdown down, and don't know where you are?

  • Simply press the big green button to let the app find where you are and display your location on a map. Relay this information back to our control room if you have suffered a breakdown and need to be recovered.

Suffered a breakdown down, and need to be recovered?

  • Simply press the red button to initiate a call from your mobile device to our control room so we can swiftly dispatch one of our members to your location.

Need to know more about the RecoverMe service you have or encourage a friend or relative to enjoy the same great benefits you do?

  • Simply press the blue button, to load up the RecoverMe website, where you can check cover details, or your friends or relatives can join RecoverMe.


Get your copy of the RecoverMe Breakdown Cover App Now!

Don't leave home without it, available for free here:

RecoverMe Breakdown Cover app on the App StoreRecoverMe Breakdown Cover app on Google play

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The RecoverMe breakdown cover app