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1st September 2015

Consumers concerned with driverless car safety

With the arrival of autonomous cars looming, OSV Ltd, a vehicle leasing company surveyed around 500 people in the UK to find out exactly what was concerning them most when it comes to driverless cars.

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The results from the survey carried out by OSV Ltd were overwhelming! 72% of the UK population admitted that they had concerns with driverless cars and only 28% shared that they had no concerns at all.

From this survey it would seem that automakers that are building driverless cars have their work cut out in order to rid the UK population of concerns.

Interestingly, men are less concerned than women with 36% of the men questioned stating that they were not anxious at all compared to only 27% of women.

The survey results also showed that those aged over 65 were the most concerned age range, with 100% of those surveyed admitting that they were concerned with some element. On the other end of the scale, those aged between 25 and 34 are most looking forward to the arrival of autonomous cars and have the least concerns. Only 71% of this age range admitted that they have concerns with driverless cars.

Other noteworthy findings include: safety topping the concerned list. A whopping 28% of those people surveyed shared that safety was their number one concern when it comes to driverless cars.

18% cited that they were most concerned by hacking, malfunctions or dodgy updates. Many may be surprised that this figure isn’t higher due to the recent car hacking scandal.

Another 18% were concerned about accidents or crashing, again surprisingly this figure isn’t higher after Google’s driverless car recently crashed.

Lower down the list of concerns are; who will control the car’s moral compass? 7% admitted that this was the most concerning element of autonomous cars and only 5% have shared that they are most concerned with who will govern self-driving cars.

With driverless cars set to be tested on UK roads soon, the survey shows that automakers will have to work hard to gain mainstream trust and acceptance.


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