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3rd December 2015

Breakdown firms average 31 call-outs a day

BREAKDOWN firms rescue an average of 31 motorists a day according to new research.

Despite vehicle technology advancing, the number of cars rescued by recovery services has risen in the last five years.

Recovery network firm, RecoverMe, found driver neglect and influx of technology and electrical components in today’s cars are the biggest reasons for the breakdown increase.

Robin Reames, a founding director at RecoverMe, commented: “We’ve seen two significant developments in the past ten years that is influencing this increase in breakdowns on UK roads.

“Firstly, gadgets and technology in cars has helped us in many ways, but it also means that there’s more to go wrong. And secondly, we experienced a significant financial depression only a few years ago which has meant that fewer people have been spending as much time, effort and money on keeping their car in good working order.

“It’s down to manufacturers to make sure their electrical components work, but many of the breakdowns happening today can be avoided by vehicle owners. Motorists need to keep their vehicles in a good state, checking tyres and doing the basics to avoid a breakdown.”

As the winter weather is set to batter Britain, drivers are being reminded of the things they can do to maintain their vehicle by carrying out routine checks.

Covering the basics:

  • Check your oil once a month
  • Check your water levels once a month
  • Check your level of washer fluid once a month
  • Check your tyre tread and air pressure weekly
  • Don’t ignore a flashing light on your dashboard!

View the origional article on teh Sun Motors website here.

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