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18th December 2014

The RecoverMe winter pre trip - Top 10

  1. Ask yourself whether your journey is necessary
  2. Check weather forecasts and traffic news before you set off
  3. Check your emergency kit, replace any out of date First aid items
  4. Check lights and wipers are all in good working condition and don't forget to top up your washer fluid
  5. Clean windscreen, windows and mirrors before you set off
  6. Check your tyre pressure and tread depth. Traction is crucial on snowy icy roads and don't overlook your spare wheel
  7. Include a blanket, warm clothes, a shovel and wear comfortable dry shoes
  8. Plan your journey - where possible, opt for main roads which are more likely to be gritted
  9. Inform someone of your intended route and make sure your phone is fully charged
  10. Ensure you’re fit to drive.
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