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25th February 2016

Tracker launches new telematics device

Tracker has launched Tracker Connect, a self-installed solution bringing the latest telematics technology to fleet managers.

Tracker Connect is a ‘plug and play’ telematics device based on a monthly subscription. The easy to self-install device, connects to the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) port to provide fleet managers with real-time driver and vehicle information. The system also features Tracker’s crash detection technology for instant and accurate accident reporting, as well as the ability to read vehicle diagnostic direct from source.

The Tracker Connect crash detection technology offers instant accident notification and can distinguish between bumps and kerbs and actual impacts, with reports provided on impacts via email and screen alerts. These alerts enable fleet managers to quickly ascertain the safety of the driver and condition of the vehicle.

David Wilson, chief operating officer at Tracker commented, ‘We recognise the continual challenges businesses face in trying to improve productivity and cut waste within their fleets. As such, Tracker Connect is the latest addition to Tracker’s suite of fleet tracking systems, which give fleet managers the information they need to drive positive change in efficiencies, cut fuel costs and reduce emissions, at a very affordable monthly price.’


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