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26th June 2015

Thatcham - New repair validation crash test video

At last Thursday's ABP Club meting at Thatcham the ABP members present were given an exclusive preview and insight to Thatchams new Repair Validation video which shows the difference in a crash between a good repair and a bad repair. Previously, Thatcham did the same with a Vauxhall Vectra, however, this time they used a Golf 7 and also supported the principles of BS10125.

This new short video is a big improvement on the old Vectra video as they have paused it several time to highlight the difference between the good repair and the bad repair

You can see the video here:

The repairs to the Golf involved the vehicles B-post (the centre body post on the car as viewed from the side), one car is repaired correctly and one is repaired using the wrong method.

In the crash test, the difference is clear to see!



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