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  • Refreshing breakdown cover
  • Simple breakdown cover
  • Breakdown cover that delivers
  • Expert breakdown cover

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Legal Support

We are all wary of those claims management companies who entice you with promises of compensation for injury, then pass you on to inexperienced paralegals to handle your claim.

That is why you need Rausa Mumford Solicitors, specialists in litigation and dispute resolution, with an emphasis on accident and personal injury claims. They are experienced lawyers who pride themselves on the quality of the ‘no win no fee’ service they deliver.

So if you need legal advice on accident claims, to include road traffic accidents, accidents at work, trips and slips, faulty products, or indeed any situation where you have been injured and it’s not your fault, to include industrial disease claims such as hearing loss or chest disorders, then contact Rausa Mumford on 029 20344341 and ask for Managing Director Mr. Peter Beckerley, or email Peter directly .

Rausa Mumford


Alternatively, if you would like a free initial advice without obligation, or have any query or observation, please complete the following online enquiry form;

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