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Get You Home

Breakdown cover for any vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes (ex. Motorcycles), including Home Start.

The RecoverMe Get You Home Breakdown Cover covers the inability to use a vehicle as a result of: Breakdown at home (Home Start), Mechanical / electrical breakdown, Puncture of road tyres, Lost or misplaced keys, Flat battery, Having no fuel or mis-fuelling, Accident damage*, Vandalism*, Fire*, and Theft or attempted theft*.

The RecoverMe Get You Home Breakdown Cover also includes: unlimited transportation mileage to get you, and your vehicle home, or to your trusted repairer within the UK, plus the draining of contaminated fuel, replacement with the correct fuel and cleaning or replacement of affected parts, up to a maximum of £1000.

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*Subject to providing RecoverMe with your motor insurance policy information we can also arrange to recover you following an accident, vandalism, theft, attempted theft, or fire that would normally be the subject of a motor insurance claim by you or a third party; but you may be responsible for any costs involved should we be unable to receive payment from your motor insurer on presenting our invoice to your insurer for these costs (eg where you do not submit a claim to your motor insurer or have a third party only policy).

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What we do not cover

vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.
on Standard, Standard Plus, Motorcycle & Get You Home memberships, cars & motorcycles more than 20 years old or light commercial vehicles more than 17 years old.

With cars & motorcycles more than 12 years old, and light commercial vehicles more than 8 years old a 'age uplift' is applicable to the membership fee.

vehicles that have not been serviced and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations or are unroadworthy by neglect.
vehicles used for racing, pacemaking, trials or rallying.
vehicles being used for hire or reward.
vehicles not registered with the DVLA.
vehicles without an appropriate current MOT certificate where applicable and vehicle excise duty paid at the time of the Breakdown.